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Australia’s leading steam-extruded complete feed is especially formulated to meet the requirements of studs and breeding farms, regardless of size of operation.

Farm managers and studmasters continue to put their trust in Breeda to provide all the essential nutrients for serving stallions and pregnant or lactating mares - Breeda also contains the vital amino acids necessary to support optimum bone growth and muscle development in young, growing horses.
Breeda Product page

For results you can count on

Mitavite Breeda has been pressure cooked and steam-extruded to release the full nutrient value of the high quality ingredients used in its formulation. Increased availability of nutrients with balanced levels of energy, vitamins, minerals, vegetable oils, proteins and essential amino acids - lysine and methionine-naturally supports optimum bone growth and muscle development in young horses. With Mitavite Breeda spellers and broodmares can maintain condition and replenish body stores of essential minerals.

Steam-extrusion provides horses with significant benefits and international research has shown when steam-extruded feeds replace pellets and traditional feeds, incidence of gastro-intestinal problems, including colic, reduces.

Mitavite Breeda is primarily digested in the small intestine which improves availability and absorption of nutrients whilst avoiding fermentation in the caecum. This reduces the production of heat, acid and gas associated with problems such as laminitis, colitis enteritis, colic and diarrhoea.

An ever-increasing number of stud managers are finding Breeda a convenient, reliable and economical means of feeding horses whilst meeting the varying needs of stallions, pregnant and lactating mares, growing yearlings and spellers.


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